Maltose Characters
Maltose syrup is produced from raw material corn starch through processing methods such as hydrolysis, liquefaction, saccharification and refining, the main component is maltose, according to different maltose contents, it can be divided into ordinary maltose syrup, high maltose syrup and super high maltose syrup, maltose content below 60% is ordinary maltose syrup, maltose content 60%~70% is high maltose syrup, more than 70% is called super high maltose syrup; maltose syrup at room temperature is a colorless transparent viscous liquid with special smell of sweet, and sweetness taste.

Maltose Applications
Maltose syrup is widely used in candy, beverage, dairy products, beer, jelly, baked foods, condiments, enzymes, convenience foods, meat products and other industries, as it has characters such as low moisture absorption, high moisture retention, moderate sweetness, good anti-crystallization, oxidation resistance, moderate viscosity, good chemical stability, low freezing point; however, these are only one aspect of the main application of high maltose syrup, it can also be used as additives, moisturizing agent, preservative agent etc.

Maltose Main Specifications
ITEMS Unit Maltose Syrup High Maltose Syrup Super High Maltose
APPERANCE -- Colorless transparent viscous liquid, with special flavor and sweet taste
Maltose content % 50≤Maltose<60 60≤Maltose<70 70<Maltose
Dry solid % ≥75 (export standard 80%~85% , i.e. BE43/BE44/BE45)
PH value -- 4.6~6.0
Transparency % ≥95
Protein % ≤0.1
Ash % ≤0.3
As mg/kg ≤1.0
Pb mg/kg ≤0.5
Cu mg/kg ≤5.0
SO2 mg/kg ≤40
Colony count cfu/g(ml) ≤3000
Colibacillus MPN/100g(ml) ≤30
Pathogenic bacteria -- Negative
Note: we can amend the specification slightly according to customer demand.