Maltodextrin Characters
Maltodextrin is a mixture of various DE value starch hydrolysis products in range DE5-20; it is produced by low degree enzymatic hydrolysis from starch, and made into power form after purification and drying; the general nature of maltodextrin is between starch and starch sugar, it is in white powder form, with no smell and almost no sweetness.

Maltodextrin Applications
Maltodextrin has many characteristics such as low sweetness, low calorie, digestible, good solubility, low degree fermentation, good filling effect, low absorption of moisture, good thickening ability, good carrier ability, good stability, hard metamorphic, so it is mainly works as anti-crystallization and anti-flow agent, forming agent, processing agent, compatibilizer, bulking agent, stabilizer and a thickening agent, now it is widely used in beverage, frozen food, candy, cereals, dairy products, health products and other industries, and it can also be used in textile, daily chemical, pharmaceutical production.

Maltodextrin Main Specifications
ITEMS Unit Standard
APPERANCE -- White odorless powder
DE value % 5≤MD10<11 11≤MD15<16 16≤MD20≤20
Moisture % ≤6.0
Solubility % ≥98.0%
Ash % ≤0.6
PH value -- 4.5-6.5
Note: we can amend the specification slightly according to customer demand.