SPAN 40 Characters
Span 40, also known as sorbitan palmitate, is a king of milky white to pale yellow waxy solid at room temperature, has slight fat smell; it is insoluble in water while it can disperse in water into emulsion solution, it is soluble in hot oil and a variety of organic solvents; freezing point 45~47 degree centigrade.

SPAN 40 Applications
Span 40 mainly used as emulsifiers and dispersants in medical and cosmetic industry, also as emulsifying stabilizer in emulsion polymerization; it can be dispersing agent in printing ink, and can also can be textile waterproof coating additive and oil emulsion dispersant; besides the above mentioned applications, it is widely used in polymerization anti-fog drops.

SPAN 40 Main Specifications

ITEMS Unit Standard
Appearance -- yellow waxy solid
Acid value Mg KOH/g ≤8
Saponification value Mg KOH/g 140-150
Hydroxyl value Mg KOH/g 255-290
Moisture % ≤1.5
HLB value -- 6.7
Note: we can amend the specification slightly according to customer demand.

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